Nursing School – You Won’t Break Me!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


I am capable.

I have the opportunity to save lives daily.

I know this is hard but I CAN finish.

I will graduate.

I will become a nurse one day.

This test will not define me.

My test score does not determine who I am or the progress I’ve made.

FINISH strong. I will finish what I started!

I will be the nurse that puts my patients above me and my needs.

I’m tired, exhausted, and frustrated but this will all pay off.

This is making me one step closer to success.

I determine the life I want to live — This is why I will finish.

My future depends on MY actions.

Effort is what I will put in and results is what I WILL see.

Be the nurse that one day other nursing students strive to be.

Imagine being the nurse that a family is relying on to SAVE their loved one.

I have the life of someone in my two hands.

I will have the knowledge to be equipped fully for this job.

I am amazing.

This is what I was born to do.

I will one day be a hero to someone.

I’m not going to stop until I’m proud.

Each day I will find my “WHY”

My challenge to survive nursing school will not break me.

What I’ve gained thus far has molded me.

I am blessed with this opportunity daily.

These friendships will last a lifetime!

Remember THAT one patient that gives you the strength to wake up for clinicals each morning.

God will lead me until the end!



Photo Courtesy : Pinterest 


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