Faith Without Makeup Or Filters

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I’m guilty.

Sure enough, I have been that girl to see another perfect human being in my eyes and notice how strong their faith in Jesus is. Then, per usual, I compare mine to what they have. I realize that after my mini version of a Christian meltdown aka pity party aka feel sorry for myself, I suck.

I absolutely suck at sometimes being a Christian!

S U C K.

So now since the makeup has been washed off, your clean face is looking back at you in the mirror. (Cute, right?) You stare at yourself and if you see yourself the way I see the person staring back at me, I’m probably going to laugh at imperfections, realize I need to spend some extra time in the gym, possibly throw compliments around like confetti and call it a day. Take off your Christian makeup, girlfriend! How bare is your heart?

Don’t even lie to yourself..I know you see those Bibles on Instagram with explosions of color. You see the post because well, I see it too. This is the part where I tell you I suck and actually explain why. Looking at those posts, I easily can drift towards feeling not put together. Just as I can so, so effortlessly compare myself to others, I compare faith too.  Then it hit me, the SAME God “she” is serving is the exact SAME God I serve too! Dumbfounded, I know! You have to ask yourself how much of God’s love are you actually craving!

“Her” beautiful mess of life seems better than the mess I’ve made for my own living. Welcome to the world of filters that shape, tan, and make you a “better” version of yourself. I can’t lie when I say it may or may not take me a solid 5 minutes for each insta post to make sure it’s all right, but how absolutely ridiculous is that? Ridiculous. If we are able to filter our faith by putting an overlay of what really isn’t appearing, actually appear…oh boy.

No more edited and uploaded versions of faith. I realize that raw transparency in your walk with Christ is absolutely beautiful, and there’s not enough highlighted Bibles in this world to match that. God isn’t daily pursuing you only to have someone else, HE wants all of you.

Christ isn’t molding you into girl behind all of the posts you like; He’s molding your heart into the best version you allow it be! Celebrate the tiny victories and even the bigger laps around the track you’ve had to make. Next time your attempt is made to see a faith stronger than yours, that’s your cue that you have more work to do!

Believe it or not, God IS calling you back to Him even when you feel like you are miles and miles away. It’s almost like “God, hello….it’s me, remember that girl?” — How He remembers!

“I may be weak, but your spirit strong in me. My flesh may fail, but my God you never will.” 

He’s the same God you were praising in the better times, and He’s still the same God that desires you more and more everyday even when you feel like your faith is weak.

You can’t be distracted when you understand you are captivated with purpose from Christ!


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