Thirteen Reasons W H Y

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Confession Time : I’m a professional in stressing. With each blogpost that I write, I stress MAJOR.  I stress the content, but what I have no problem losing sleep over is wondering if what I share for the entire world to see is going to make an impact. I share what’s on my heart, because if only one person was able to peek into what’s really in between the lines of each blogpost and leave better than before, job well done in my books.

We have a tendency, we being the world you and I live in, to gravitate towards the “newest.” The newest just so happens to be the Netflix series “Thirteen Reasons Why.” Stay with me. I’m going somewhere with this, I promise. I would be absolutely lying to you if I said that I did not bury myself under a comfy blanket and binge watch the entire season in one day because you caught me. Guilty! There is something about diving into a new season that I just love. You too? Yay, we are besties now!

As I was saying, I tend to struggle with if my content is appeasing enough or did I really just write for my personal venting? Sometimes it can be both, and that is okay in my eyes.

My version of 13 reasons why.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose behind the series, but if however you are leaning towards more hurt than happy, believe what I’m about to tell you.

  1. You matter. There’s how many billions of people in this world? A lot. With every person trying to make it to the top of some ladder we all assume we’re supposed to be climbing, each step you take is better than your last.
  2. Your heart is being pursued. Whatever you believe in, I chose to believe in something bigger and better than my tiny brain could ever grasp. I choose to trust that God is daily pursuing my heart. What He can do for my life is far greater than what I could accomplish without Him.
  3. You will go somewhere. Obviously the efforts you put in will determine the results BUT with this being said, work hard for the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished a goal. Prove yourself wrong! It doesn’t matter if you don’t do things in the same timing as others, just DO IT.
  4. Keep Growing. Grow because even the prettiest of flowers were buried in light, had darkness surround it, and it struggled to find the light. Meanwhile, you’re gawking at the beauty within the flower, it started out as a seed.
  5. Don’t contain the fire. Surround yourself with people who put gas on your dreams. Set yourself ablaze with the mindset that you won’t take no as an answer, ever.
  6. Mediocre is not your middle name. You were worth dying for, okay? None of that statement should be taken lightly, but do not accept second place when you are called to be first. Jesus called you to be salt; to be set apart.
  7. Kindness doesn’t have a price tag. Just as the series depicts, our minds can’t comprehend the inner struggles of others. Kindness attracts kindness.
  8. Coming > Came. So what you had a few bad seasons in your life? You were being molded into the fighter you are today. See how patience worked in your favor friend? Your identity isn’t determined by your mistakes.
  9. Have a cup that runs over. Psalm 23:5 – You are WAY too blessed to sit in your complaints.
  10. Wholeheartedly love. Love yourself, love others, and love Jesus. Love so much so that brokenness can never get to you. You may be someone’s very last saving grace.
  11. Finished chapters shouldn’t be reopened. If you can speak of your story and not cry, you’ve healed. Don’t revisit the ugly just for confirmation of healing. Instead of needing that reassurance, be thankful for God’s timing.
  12. Impact the kingdom, not society. You are #calledtothecrown – Last time I checked, society never stopped you from becoming the person God intended on you being.
  13. Your voice is heard. When there’s no one answering your questions, maybe it’s because you’re finding validation in someone other than God.

Confession Time : I hope you were impacted.



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