To The Girl Who Likes Her Coffee Instant

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Moral of the story : I’m impatient, but I will wait on things I see fit to be desirable. Wait, so you mean that I’m telling you the moral of the story before the actual story? It looks like it! The reason this tiny confession and insecurity of mine came to light was due to the drive thru of Dunkin Donuts. My happy place. One of them at least, haha!

I prefer ANY coffee any time of the day! It is definitely my weakness!  I ordered my happy hour special, pulled towards the window only to wait 5 WHOLE minutes for my treat. Five whole minutes and you’d think that I was going to die of separation anxiety without it. I was just so close to getting that small version of a blessing that I forgot to be patient, that it was in the works.

We do this a lot with our faith. “God, PLEASE give me this, PLEASE give me that.. I’ll even read my Bible and pray more if you just give me this one thing, person, or circumstance. Wherever you have church, you may feel your heart strings being pulled in an uncomfortable way, but you also feel at peace knowing that God really does have what’s best in mind when you hear to “be still.”

My avid coffee lovers, you know the feeling of not going one day without your iced latte of personality, but what IF we couldn’t go a day without trusting the timing of Jesus more? What if we turned our waiting into a season of learning… How much better off could we be?

I think that’s what God does to you and me both, wait.. I KNOW this is what God does. He makes us W A I T for our blessings. I’m guilty of being frustrated and wishing away the season I have currently am in only to move to the next stage of life. What exactly does your next stage look like? Uncertainty; the same as what mine probably looks like also friend. Rest assured because Jesus goes before us to make a way.

But what I can be confident about is that whatever I am waiting for in the next season is going to hold goodness. I cranked up the jams and waited patiently while scrolling through the latest feed, simply because I have no control as to when this drive thru is going to pull forward.

The sweet lady handed me my order and told me to have a great day with a huge grin on her face. Side note : I LOVE nice people! I relish in the goodness of my iced coffee only to realize that it was worth the wait and being a brat wouldn’t have gotten me any closer to what I wanted. Yes, I just admitted I can be a brat but can’t we all from time to time?

Jesus has a way of testing us (I see you Jesus). The obstacles you and I may have to hurdle over to get to our blessing may hold a powerful lesson in them. Not that waiting for five minutes is an obstacle but you get what I mean right sista? Right.

What if while we waited and wondered when God was going to do HIS thing and bless us, He was waiting on US to trust His timing more?…. I got you. Actually, I got myself with this too.

Trust the timing of a God who is perfect in what He delivers to His children. Being blessed by the Father is WAY better than being blessed by hurrying in our current seasons.We miss the lessons this way. Stay patient girlfriend, your coffee and your biggest blessing is right around the corner.


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