Picking Nail Polish And Deciding On Faith

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Nothing I love more than getting a pedicure, weird, I know! If my eyes are ever closed, don’t assume I’m relaxing; I’m normally praying the whole time for this sweet Asian lady because Jesus bless her soul! Her brave attempt at handling my busy feet should earn her a few extra crowns when she sees Jesus face to face. They do in my book, for sure! I firmly believe that if you’re called to be the one behind a nail file and some gel polish, you are an actual angel!

Before I get to sit down and turn the massage chair on the highest level (praise God for those things), I swear to you I can easily take up to 10 minutes to decide what color I want to wear for the next few weeks. I know I’m not the only one who does this so to my fellow toe-polished lovers, you can come out of hiding now. The coast is clear for transparency!

A light bulb went off.

I’m one of those girls that will base my polish color on my outfits, planned or unplanned. Casually, I go to my favorite which is white (like, are you even surprised?) and 0.2 seconds later, I’m like ah no, that won’t work.. maybe pink, no I hate pink… what about blue..feeling neutral all of a sudden.. oh wait, I like this purple-ish color.. Notice how girls always include that “ish” when describing a nail color. Okay, done with my humor now.


“I got it!” and here all the manicurists are probably thinking “about time!” What if we decided on our nail polish like we decide to follow Jesus?


Kind of how we can never decide to pick just one color, only on some days do we decide to actually pursue Him.

My faith is like this. I’m being honest, I told you I would be.

Praying, I’m like “well God, sometimes I trust you and sometimes I like where this path you have me on is heading.” God probably wants to lose his cool just as easily as those patient employees want to!

God isn’t naïve. He knows our heart, HE IS the one who created them each after all. Instead of taking forever to pick a color, just decide one! Pick any color, I’m sure it will look fabulous on you girl.

Also, pick your faith this easy from now on out. Decide today that “God I’m going to choose you when I’m anxious and confused and when I have no idea what the results of “this” (fill in the blank for your current situations) are going to be. God I choose you!”

As silly as it sounds for all of this to be making sense, I wanted to share it with you. I’m positive at least one of you reading this struggles with choosing your faith daily just like I do. We can’t decide our faith only on our best outfit days, does that make sense? God doesn’t choose us when we bring glory to Him most, He decides that every day you get another chance to breathe in air, He’s going to love you wholeheartedly!

I’m sure you feel like a new woman strutting out of the salon with those ranky flip-flops on! (by the way, who even made those things?!)

Now it’s time to go do some kingdom work!


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