We Are Called Daily

He died. But with that death, a powerful truth followed it –  “It is finished” What are you going to decide is finally finished? Is it not fully living to your potential Christ has called you to, living in a sin that is weighing you down faster than you can stand up, or is it … Continue reading We Are Called Daily


To My Future MR.

You’re an example of many good things. Your attributes made me see a future life with you that no one else could offer me. I was able to find myself focusing on the life we’re creating while also enjoying the present moments of each day with you. The marriage we have one day is going … Continue reading To My Future MR.

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2017. A breath of fresh air after what the past 365 days brought upon me. Laughs, tears, lessons, heartbreaks, closer relationships while some broke, adventurous travels with some of the best friends, moments of realizing many unanswered questions, unending prayers, Whew. There's probably more actually I know there is but this past year was a … Continue reading Page 1