Your Story Matters

Hi friends! New and old. I’m so excited to be sharing a little piece of my heart that has impacted me in BIG ways!

What called me to so passionately pursue this “your story matters, period” line is due to the society we live in. A movement should be started in stance of every person AND their story matters. Period.

In today’s world, I feel like it’s frowned upon to celebrate someone else’s progress, success, or healing. With that being the reason of focusing on your own team is more important than joining someone else’s. With more people comes more strength! Having a mindset grounded in negativity, joy cannot simply flow from it.


You matter.

Your heart matters.

Your story matters.

Who is claiming you have to be just like the person next to you?

No one. Or I’m not at least.

Find peace in the struggles, the brokenness, the process, the healing, and the exact way you have been molded into who you are today.

You are uniquely amazing, individualized to someone that can make a difference.

Don’t be quiet about the roads you have been made to walk down. Find beauty in them all. And, never let anyone justify the importance of each road.